In the age of apps, & 0.7 second attention spans, why our DNA still believes stories matter: part II

Photography is more than an Instagram accessory, a way to document Sunday brunch, or an obsession for new parents. When used effectively, it is an influential and pivotal tool for capturing and telling a diversity of stories. A well-composed photo can serve as a window through which its viewers can witness an event, product, or […]


Join us. We’re in search of a PhD-level communicator to join our team in an advisory, part-time capacity. Our work is translational, interpreting the world’s leading-edge science and technology into stories, images, and presentations which unlock its meaning for influential audiences. It’s fun. It’s hard. It’s a commitment to learning and humility. And it all […]

ZME Science ft. Phase Genomics: Saving the Honey Bee: Can New Genomic Clues Help Solve the Colony Collapse Mystery?

Colony collapse disorder has been the scourge of U.S. beekeepers for more than a decade, contributing to a 30-40 percent plunge in commercial honey bee colonies since 2006. Read the rest right here:

KIVI Boise: New research tracks how bacteria communicate, share DNA to resist antibiotics

BOISE – A growing public health crisis is happening all over the world, including our rivers, soil, and hospitals here in Idaho. “We’ve used tons and tons of antibiotics lately, these bacteria that are resistant are rising in frequency everywhere on the planet basically,” said University of Idaho Professor Eva top, “we’re traveling much more, […]