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You have the technology, the team and the vision to manifest transformative change in how we live, work, care for and connect with each other and our planet. Now, it’s time to amplify your unique story and increase investment and revenue so you can fully actualize your potential and reach your goals.
You Innovate for Impact.
Augmented intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and next-generation platforms are among the tools driving this technological revolution. At s2s Public Relations and Communications, we share your spirit of creativity and innovation and belief that technology can and should be harnessed to transform industries and improve lives.
You're Northwest Anchored and Globally Minded.
You’re located in the PNW, just like us, but are taking on the world with your big ideas. We love that about you! We pride ourselves on sharing conference tables, whiteboards and face time with our clients as we devise strategy, define metrics and track success of local, national and global awareness campaigns from our offices in Seattle.
You're ready to fuel growth.
Now’s the time to propel your company to the next level. At s2s Public Relations and Communications, we build awareness to drive investor interest, customer engagement and talent acquisition, while raising the profile of those in your C-suite as speakers, media sources, and opinion piece authors.

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about s2s pr

S2s Public Relations and Communications is built on transparency, collaboration and results.

We serve emerging technology and biotech startups in the Pacific Northwest with our global reach.

Our adaptive public relations, marketing, and strategic communications expertise evolves from our extensive experience combining all angles of earned and owned content.

We are graduates of traditional big-box public relations agencies, former journalists, startup execs, and in-house global public relations and social media leaders.

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Strategic Communications

Before sharing your story with the world, we work with you to ensure that story is clear, compelling and differentiating. With a strong and aligned messaging foundation in place, we devise the most effective communications strategies for engaging with key audiences including media, investors, customers, partners, industry analysts, influencers and your internal team. By integrating efforts across all channels and audiences, we elevate and amplify a unified and consistent brand story that sets you apart and ensures you stand out.

Public Relations

The right blend of media coverage and custom “owned” content will bring validation, credibility and awareness among potential investors, partners and customers. Our team builds interest and value in your technology through strategic outreach into mainstream and niche media including podcasts and industry-specific outlets. We pair these “earned" media placements with focused custom content to drive your unique narrative toward ever increasing brand equity.

Profile Building

Your team is key to your success and a powerful resource for fueling your message, driving awareness and elevating your brand. We cultivate speaking engagements, op-eds, and panel discussion opportunities that place your executive team in front of decision makers and in full visibility of investors. Our profile-building services include attendance and sponsorship recommendations, award nominations, sourcing and securing speaking engagements, and speech consultation.



‘3 Pandemic Communications Cues from Your Kitchen Table’

“Our worlds both narrow and deepen in crisis. The professional static of your pre-pandemic life clears and those that matter most come into focus. And that’s where your focus should stay, for now.” Read more from s2s Public Relations and Communications Founder, Eric Schudiske, here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/3-pandemic-comms-cues-from-your-personal-life-eric-schudiske/

Reminded Why the Work We Do Matters

At s2s Public Relations we’re always grateful for encouraging feedback from our clients – reminders why the work we do to ignite impact matters. “s2s PR and Communications crystalized our unique value through clear messaging which served to amplify awareness of our leading-edge medical devices. The messaging showcased the human impact of our innovation, revitalizing […]

ZME Science ft. Phase Genomics: Saving the Honey Bee: Can New Genomic Clues Help Solve the Colony Collapse Mystery?

Colony collapse disorder has been the scourge of U.S. beekeepers for more than a decade, contributing to a 30-40 percent plunge in commercial honey bee colonies since 2006. Read the rest right here:  zmescience.com/science/biology/saving-the-honey-bee-can-new-genomic-clues-help-solve-the-colony-collapse-mystery

Study to explore viability of robot-built space outposts made from debris

There’s a lot of perfectly good space junk floating around up there, such as the upper stages of spent rockets. NanoRacks, a company dedicated to democratizing low-earth orbit by supporting innovations like cheap, easily deployed CubeSats, wants to use those in-space structures to build habitats known as Outposts. The Outposts could prove to be crucial […]