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s2s Public Relations is a full-service agency that turns complex science into compelling, actionable narratives across PR, social media, and executive communications.
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You're in the right place if:

You Innovate for Scientific Impact.
From cleantech to biotech, we champion your conviction that technology should transform industries and improve lives. We source the most strategic opportunities to amplify your story on a local, regional, or global scale.
You're ready to fuel growth.
Now’s the time to propel your company to the next level. We build awareness to drive investor interest, customer engagement, and talent acquisition, while raising the profile of your C-suite as speakers, media sources, and opinion piece authors.
You're solving big problems.
You’re building the technology, team, and vision to drive transformative global change. Now, it’s time to add voice to your vision and amplify your unique value to reach investors, partners, business prospects, and employees.
You're future-focused and globally minded.
You’re redefining the future with your big ideas and we love that about you! We prioritize one-on-one time with our clients to devise strategies and track success toward short and long-term goals.


about us

Eric Schudiske
Eric Schudiske CEO & Founder LinkedIn
Crystal Clarity
Crystal Clarity COO LinkedIn
about s2s pr

Bring your big ideas, your conviction, and your curiosity. Expect collaboration, transparency, and results in return.

As graduates of traditional big-box agencies, former journalists, startup execs, and in-house media and content leaders, we understand the stakes. 

Driving awareness and engagement for your business enables the world-changing technologies you’re building to reach people as soon as possible.

The s2s PR model centers on proven owned and earned media strategies that accelerate: 

  • time to market;
  • prospects to partnerships;
  • relationships to revenue;
  • and followers to evangelists.
Trevor Ainge
Trevor Ainge Media & Content Specialist LinkedIn

A proud partner of Bioscribe


Strategic Communications

Ensure your story and messaging materials are compelling, clear, and differentiating to capture the interest of your target audiences, from media and investors to internal teams.

- Brand strategy and market positioning
- Brand messaging platform
- Investor relations

Thought Leadership

Showcase your industry expertise and secure opportunities that align your executive team with investors, customers, and partners.

- Events and awards sourcing and preparation
- Thought leadership content development and placement (articles, op-eds, podcasts)

Media Relations & Content

Build interest and validation for your business through media placements while calibrating your digital channels to amplify your brand narrative.

- Media strategy and outreach
- KOL and advocate outreach
- Digital media strategy and execution (social media, blog, newsletter, website)

Business Strategy

Tap into our networks, industry knowledge, and strategic expertise spanning the impact tech ecosystem.

- Talent recruitment
- Growth planning
- Crisis communications


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