s2s PR partners with Bioscribe: 4 questions with Bioscribe CEO Nicole Litchfield

Building community and fostering collaboration are cornerstones of the value we aim to deliver to our clients and our wider innovation ecosystem, from presentations to University of Washington CoMotion startups to sharing the latest PR and content best practices in our newsletter. We aim to bring the brightest, most strategic minds to accelerate the impact […]

The State of Social: Q1 2024

Author: Caitlin Kryl, Content Marketing Manager Startup leaders: Let’s play social media red light ❌ and green light ✅. Quarterly, you can check out our new “State of Social” series for a lowdown on emerging channels, answer, “Should startups join?” and dive deeper into the latest social media news.   Because, if college senior me could […]

Infinite Fist Bumps: How to build the relationship you want with your PR agency

3 key strategies for a strong relationship with your PR or marketing agency (one that reaps wins) Author: Crystal Clarity, COO at s2s PR Some types of relationships—like your barista or the delivery person you startle by opening your door while they’re still on your porch, are based on a transaction.  Other work relationships, by […]

20 traits of successful startup leaders: Reflections on serving 50+ impact tech startups

Author: Eric Schudiske, Founder and CEO We’re all students. Here at our feisty little PR firm, we spend every day learning about everything from deep science and the environment, to venture capital markets, to startups and business fundamentals.  Me, I’m drawn again and again to lessons in leadership. And we’ve had ringside seats over the […]

3 clever content strategies to attract top talent BEFORE you start recruiting

Author: Crystal Clarity, COO If you’re like many tech company founders these days, there’s a good chance you hit the pause button on hiring in recent months. Yet, despite the ongoing cooling in the job market, we’re also seeing fewer talent looking for jobs.  According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the […]

How the 4,000 yr-old Korean ideology ‘Hongik Ingan’ helps innovators like you drive impact today

Author: Soyoun Ann Kim, PR Account Coordinator and Digital Content Specialist We often lose sight of why we work while immersed in our daily tasks. Sometimes we feel uninspired, and other times the workload becomes overwhelming. In those moments, it helps to take a step back and reflect on the ultimate purpose of our work.  […]

Introducing “Pre-Series PR Foundations”: 3 New Product Offerings for Early-Stage Startups

If there’s one “eternal truth” of startup life that we can all agree on, it’s that the journey isn’t prescribed. Your public relations journey shouldn’t be, either. For startups who haven’t yet raised their Series A, a full-scale PR retainer might not be viable financially or logistically, but generating visibility with key audiences is critical. […]

Behind-the-Scenes of the s2s Public Relations Placement in WIRED

Our s2s Public Relations team is quoted in this fine WIRED article. So, let’s take a look behind the scenes shall we… What’s involved in making a story in WIRED happen? Here’s a play-by-play. First, the stats: ⚡Nov 15th, 2022: First contract with the reporter ➡️28+ total emails (many honestly around [mis]understanding time zones and coordinating interviews, and quick follow-up […]

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