Science Talk Q&A (Part III): Combating Misinformation, Disinformation, and Misinterpretation of Information

With an oversaturation of information coming from news stations and publications, bloggers, video feed, social media, public figures, and your own daily personal interactions, it is challenging to decipher what is accurate and what is a skewed version of the truth. This information overload forces us to self-filter, often selecting information that reinforces our existing […]

Science Talk Q&A (Part II): What we lose when we stifle diverse voices in science communications

More than ever before, diversity and inclusion is taking center stage in every discussion happening within organizations, workforces, leadership teams, board rooms, classrooms, you name it. It is no different in the science community. While the science communications industry in itself is female dominated, often the influential voices gaining recognition in the space are still […]

Testimonial: Opticyte

We struggled for years to find the right messaging and voice to capture the profound vision for our disruptive medical device technology. The team at s2s PR excelled at crystallizing our value in fresh messaging, leading a rebuild of our website, and driving significant media awareness and investor validation of Opticyte and our Cell O2 […]

Science Talk Q&A: How 2020 Shaped the Future of Science Communications

This year, scientific news was consumed in a more mainstream fashion than ever before. COVID-19 brought conversations about medical science, scientific process, vaccines, and other complex information the average news consumer was previously unaware of – or did not necessarily need to care about – into the public sphere of awareness. Communicating scientific developments instantly […]