Blurring Brand Lines: 4 questions to assess how your social media behavior impacts your company reputation

Rudyard Kipling wrote that famous line, “And never the twain shall meet” when describing the East and West. However, in today’s hyper-intertwined digital world, if the dividing line isn’t East and West­–but your personal brand and professional brand–then the twain have indeed met. You can no longer claim absolution when you write a line on […]

7 Tips to International WFH when it’s a 7,000 Mile Commute to the Office

In a respectable, and necessary, effort to flatten the curve, many of us have relocated our laptops, sun lamps, favorite mugs, and plant friends to our dining room tables, children’s bedrooms, and nightstands. Depending on your environment, and those with whom you cohabitate, your new work space may be a refreshing change of pace, or […]

‘3 Pandemic Communications Cues from Your Kitchen Table’

“Our worlds both narrow and deepen in crisis. The professional static of your pre-pandemic life clears and those that matter most come into focus. And that’s where your focus should stay, for now.” Read more from s2s Public Relations and Communications Founder, Eric Schudiske, here: