Meet the newest s2s team members

One of the many things our team has in common is a shared passion for helping deliver tomorrow’s life-improving impact technologies to the world. It’s at the heart of everything we do here at s2s, and we’re privileged to have added two brilliant communications professionals to our team this year who embody this same passion […]

Want brand growth on Linkedin? A personal Linkedin strategy may do the trick

Author: Caitlin Kryl, Content Marketing Manager If you’ve been on Linkedin for more than a couple of years, you’ll notice it’s looking…a little different these days.  Linkedin launched in 2003 as a simple recruitment platform — but over the past several years, the more social aspects of this oft-forgotten social media channel have exploded. Today’s […]

7 Steps to Nailing Your Next Podcast Interview

Author: Kelly Johnson, Public Relations Specialist Going on walks, commuting to work, and washing dishes all find common ground for your ultimate multitasking listening pleasure: podcasts.  Advances in technology and cultural shifts have transformed the way society consumes media, and podcasts have ascended from relative obscurity in the early 2000s to an industry that’s expected […]

22 Lessons in Leadership from Life Science Innovation NorthWest 2022

Author: Eric Schudiske, CEO and Founder of s2s PR “THINK”  The famous one-word IBM-born slogan from 1915 granted permission for some of that generation’s most brilliant minds to do exactly what they were intended to do — think. Leadership does that. It unites and focuses teams on clear objectives.  The life sciences, especially in the […]

JOB OPENING: Science Communications Senior Advisor

s2s Public Relations and Communications is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage individuals from all cultures and communities to apply. About s2s Public Relations: We are a Northwest anchored, globally minded public relations and strategic communications firm. We are committed to growing emerging technology companies and startup ecosystem conveners through clear and compelling stories and […]

3 lessons from ‘Generation Clickbait’: Breaking through media noise by leading with transparency

By: Henry Wilhelm We all know that feeling of disappointment. Prey to a sensationalist headline or glossy picture, it doesn’t take long to realize that you’ve been tricked by clickbait (unless you’re a Zendaya fan who sat expectantly through 155 minutes of ‘Dune’). Let’s face it, the media landscape we live in can be downright […]

Why your startup story may be the key to your startup’s success

Author: Caitlin Kryl, content marketing manager at s2s Public Relations It’s often critical, especially in the startup world, to ready your answers long before the question is asked. My ready answer when asked why I chose a career in content marketing: my runaway imagination and love of storytelling.  What started as a childhood hobby of […]

Science Talk Q&A (Part VI): Biggest Science Conversations on the Horizon

From climate change, vaccines and virus developments to artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and diversity and inclusion: science is saturated with new research and technological advancements. So which conversations can we expect to steal the limelight over the next few years?  Science Talk’s Dr. Allison Coffin and Dr. Kiki Sanford sat down with Jessica McNellis from […]

Science Talk Q&A (part V): Science and Identity Politics

Identity politics has permeated vaccine hesitancy, opinions on climate change, and society’s response to the COVID-19 virus. We are living in a moment in history where identity politics is playing its most prominent role in scientific conversations.   Science Talk’s Dr. Allison Coffin and Dr. Kiki Sanford sat down with Jessica McNellis from s2s Public Relations and Communications to […]