3 Tips to Build Your Profile: Be Social, Generous, and Human

As you consider how to grow your company and increase investment, is CEO/founder profile building part of your overall strategy? A well-known, authentic and consistent personal brand will build credibility and trust with investors and partners, create a competitive edge, and create lasting value that will continue to yield dividends for your future endeavors. Here […]

Reminded Why the Work We Do Matters

At s2s Public Relations we’re always grateful for encouraging feedback from our clients – reminders why the work we do to ignite impact matters. “s2s PR and Communications crystalized our unique value through clear messaging which served to amplify awareness of our leading-edge medical devices. The messaging showcased the human impact of our innovation, revitalizing […]

Science vs. the Tribalism of Truths

The Tribalism of Truths is a paradox involving subjective truth and objective tribalism*. We’re genetically hard-wired to believe our tribe of trusted friends and those we admire more than sterile but scientifically-proven facts.  We have faith that our friend, our pundit, or our favorite influencer-of-the-moment speaks the truth, no matter how widely it varies from […]

In the age of apps, & 0.7 second attention spans, why our DNA still believes stories matter: part II

Photography is more than an Instagram accessory, a way to document Sunday brunch, or an obsession for new parents. When used effectively, it is an influential and pivotal tool for capturing and telling a diversity of stories. A well-composed photo can serve as a window through which its viewers can witness an event, product, or […]