Introducing “Pre-Series PR Foundations”: 3 New Product Offerings for Early-Stage Startups

If there’s one “eternal truth” of startup life that we can all agree on, it’s that the journey isn’t prescribed. Your public relations journey shouldn’t be, either.

For startups who haven’t yet raised their Series A, a full-scale PR retainer might not be viable financially or logistically, but generating visibility with key audiences is critical. That’s why, in response to requests from our community, we’ve developed three new ways for early-stage startups to uplevel and scale their market visibility in a product-based format that zeros in on strategy and skills-building.

How it works:

For a one-time fee, s2s will craft a toolkit that’s both unique to your company’s current needs and also includes core resources we’ve deemed essential for everyone.

Our first 3 offerings:

  1. Launching Social Media for Startups
  2. DIY Press Release
  3. Media Training Primer

Toolkits are designed to be used again and again, even after the engagement is over. You’ll leave with a new understanding of core PR concepts and resources that will continue to deliver value as your company grows.

If you’re ready to build the foundational awareness and visibility you’ll need to attract investors, customers, partners, and new team members, let’s chat!

1. Launching Social Media for Startups

Master how to engage with audiences that matter.

In this 1:1 training, you’ll take away valuable know-how, tools, and social media skills to serve your startup for months to come. 

Price: $4,499

You’ll learn: 

  • How social media delivers value for startups through
    • Goal setting
    • Audience research and targeting
    • Cadence 
    • Engagement best practices including:
      • Social media wins and sins
      • Turning your team into social media advocates
  • The right time to get started
  • Prioritize which channels to leverage
  • Best practices on how and what to post about, frequency of posting

You’ll receive a custom social media playbook including:

  • Content calendar template (provided by s2s)
  • Suggested free publishing tools
  • Free audience discovery resources
  • Guide to measuring impact
Additional Services:
$1,999 Custom social media post copy and graphic templates and first 4 weeks of content (8 LinkedIn Posts / 8 Tweets)

2. DIY Press Release

Set up your startup for success by learning how to produce a press release that captures media attention, engage with the right reporters, and amplify your news through social media and other channels. 

Price: $3,999

You’ll learn proven practices for driving business wins through press releases including:

  • 1 hour consultation with 2 public relations professionals on:
    • What makes a compelling media announcement
    • How to craft engaging content
    • Headline and subject lines do’s and don’ts for journalist email outreach
  • 2 rounds of proofing and editing for one press release
  • Consultation on effective distribution of press releases as well as use and efficacy of newswires

You’ll receive:

  • Press release template
  • Media list of 25 active journalists in your unique industry vertical, their current email addresses, and social media handles
  • Tips on tracking the efficacy of outreach and engagement best practices 
  • 5 expert tips on amplifying media placement/press release via social media and direct email outreach
Additional Services:
$500 for an additional 25 curated media contacts
$2,000 for competitive media monitoring of up to 5 competitors for 30 days pre- and post-announcement 

3. Media Training Primer

Learn to begin to master the art of the media interview, from hitting talking points, to graciously pivoting from objectionable questions. 

Price: $2,999

You’ll learn:  

  • Best practices and tips pre-interview, during the interview, and post-interview (and print interviews vs. radio vs. broadcast)
  • Overview of a day in the life of a reporter/background on how a newsroom functions 
  • Understanding on the record vs. on background vs. off the record 
  • How to answer questions in quotable soundbites 
  • Common interview landmines and how to avoid them 

You’ll receive: 

  • Customized 1:1 training with an experienced PR professional and former major market journalist
  • Tip sheet on interview best practices
  • Coaching readout and top custom tips for your next media interview
  • Media prep document template

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