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La Push Beach on the Quileute Indian Reservation

UPDATED July 5, 2023

Some friendly travel advice for founders, CEOs, CMOs, and all who champion a message of change for a better world. Consider this a calibration exercise: Go walk the rocky beach at La Push, Washington. Stand humbled by the giants before you, diminished by the timeless cliffs above you, the battered trees washed ashore by an infinity of ocean, and the ancient haystack rocks orphaned far into the surf.

I’ve stood there. I’ve felt the sharp wind nudge me aside — as I’m not the center of the entire universe. None of us are.

Reaffirming our place in this world helps us succeed in making the world a smarter, safer, healthier and more equitable place to live. Your technology must make sense from inside the lives of people looking out. It should intertwine with their lives and the neighborhoods, landscapes, and even ocean beaches that form the backdrop for their lives.

We’re here to help you set your technology apart and also among the lives of those who will adopt that technology. If your innovation will impact real people, we believe, its story must differentiate and also calibrate with the world we live in. You need to matter to people on their terms. You need to make them care because of the full lives they lead, their concerns, and their joys, not in spite of them.  

I founded s2s Public Relations and Communications because I care deeply about advancing technology that impacts and improves lives. As a former journalist, I documented the cruelest incarnations of the human condition. I’ve also had the privilege of witnessing the triumphant spirit we all possess to create joy, community, and display unbound compassion.

Technology amplifies both our ability to help and harm. At s2s Public Relations and Communications, we choose to work with impact technologies which help improve our communities, health and quality of life, and make the world safer and smarter. Our work goes beyond mouthing the buzz words of machine learning, precision oncology, and generative AI.

There’s no blind allegiance to trends, hype, and flash over substance. Because what you do matters, your time matters, and I trust you’re pretty smart already.

We hold our client’s technology and potential impact with reverence and respect. We help distill their complex technology into images, social media campaigns, press outreach efforts, websites, pitch decks, videos, etc, etc, etc to forge real human connections with media to validate their technology, investors to fund growth, companies to form partnerships, and potential customers to help drive your impact to city streets and all the way to the ocean shores and beyond.

If this is you, and you’re passionately dedicated to making an impact through your technology, reach out. Let’s talk. We’re here to help you make an impact.

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