Labor Day? More Like Labor Year.

Labor Day is the one official day each year that’s dedicated to acknowledging and paying tribute to America’s workers.  This year, it hardly feels even remotely adequate to only set aside one day.

For all the hardship, loss and isolation we’ve all experienced at some point over these past several months, 2020 will also go down in history for how America’s workers, those on the frontlines of healthcare and research and those that powered our everyday,­ rose to these most unprecedented challenges.

From the grocery stores to the emergency departments to the remote classrooms to the research labs, from the warehouses to the delivery vans to the home offices and the kitchen tables, from the growers to the movers, the builders, the caregivers, the teachers, and the innovators–America’s workers have risen to the occasion every day and night. We’ve done it for our families, our neighbors, our friends, and for strangers, for today and for that return to everyday that we hope is within sight. Because when the everyday returns, we know it will be a new day, a better day, a day when we’re healthier, and we hope, wiser.

As the wonderful Fred Rogers said, “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

At s2s Public Relations & Communications, we’re so grateful and proud to be able to support our hard-working, dedicated, impact-driven startup clients. These past several months have been one heck of a wild ride but we’re honored to be alongside you in your journeys and are so excited and optimistic for your futures.  Happy Labor Day. Hope you can rest a bit– you’ve certainly earned it.

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